Jemima (DePuy) Sturtevant Peck (1821-1906)

Courtesy of Carnegie Branch Library for Local History. Boulder Historical Society Collection, S-3092.

• Born 11 April 1821 in Bloomingburg, Sullivan, New York.

• Married Samuel Augustus Sturtevant, son of Joseph and Sarah (Bessey) Sturtevant on 16 july 1846 in Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

• Lived in Lowell for several years at the corner of E. Merrimack and Ash Streets. Son Samuel Augustus Sturtevant, Jr was born in Lowell on 4 March 1848.

• Moved to Boston about 1849-1850 where Samuel continued in his merchant business and Jemima worked as a milliner.

• Son Joseph Bevier Sturtevant born 8 February 1851 in the Boston area.

• By 1854 Samuel’s interest turned west. The family to Hudson, St. Crois, Wisconsin around 1854-55

• Daughter Florence DePuy Sturtevant is born, most likely in Hudson, on 1 September 1855.

• In late 1856 or early 1857 the family moved west, to Sauk Rapids, Benton County, Minnesota. In February Samuel purchases Lot 11 in Block 51 in the small town of Sauk Rapids. Later in May 1857 it appears Samuel was in the process of purchasing 16 lots in Block 43 in the center of Sauk Rapids. Perhaps he was planning on building a new grocery store in the up-and-coming frontier town.

• Daughter Lydia Blanche Sturtevant is born, most likely in Sauk Rapids in June of 1857.

• The family lived in Sauk Rapids for at least two years.

• Samuel died 2 July 1859, in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin, probably of tuberculosis [mentions of disease have been made in some sources but no death record has been found yet] and was buried in the Willow River Cemetery in Hudson.

• After Samuel’s death, Jemima is back in Hudson and appears in the 1860 census with the four children. She is working again as a milliner to support her young family.

• In December 1863 her eldest son, Samuel Jr. enlists in the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry and serves for three years.

• By 1866 Jemima, Joseph, Florence, and Lydia have moved west across the St. Croix River to St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. Jemima is renting out rooms in her house and most likely doing millinery work. William Samuel Peck is a boarder.

• 1867 Jemima is working as a milliner, she posted an ad in the St. Paul city directory.

• On 23 July 1868 Jemima married Englishman and Civil War veteran, William Samuel Peck in St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. The two of them continue to run a boarding house throughout the 1870s while William has odd jobs as a painter, grainer, and clerk.

• 25 February 1872 daughter Florence dies most likely in St. Paul. She is buried in Willow River Cemetery in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin next to her father, Samuel.

• 8 September 1876 daughter Lydia dies at home in St. Paul of pulmonary tuberculosis. She is buried in Willow River Cemetery in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin next to her father, Samuel and sister Florence.

• Some time in 1879 or 1880 William and Jemima adopted a baby girl they named Lotta Sara Peck.

• Jemima is listed as the head of household in the 1880 census. She remained in St. Paul to run the boarding house and lived with her invalid son, Samuel, and young adopted daughter, Lotta. William got work as a merchant at Fort Totten on Devils Lake, Ramsey, Dakota Territory.

• 10 September 1880 son Samuel dies at home in St. Paul of tuberculosis. He is buried in Willow River Cemetery in Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin next to his father, Samuel, and sisters Florence and Florence.

• Sometime in 1880 or 1881 Jemima and Lotta moved to Fort Totten where William was working as the Post Trader.

• According to an 1959 interview with Lotta, Jemima worked in the mess hall and cooked for the officers.

• Fort Totten was decommissioned on the last day of 1890 and handed over to the Department of the Interior for an Indian School. William, Jemima and Lotta decided to move to Boulder, Boulder, Colorado where Jemima’s only surviving son, Joseph, lived. They arrived in Boulder sometime in early 1891.

• William and Jemima purchased the lot next to Joseph Sturtevant and built a house at 742 Marine Street.

• Jemima died of epilepsy in Joseph’s home at 9:30 on the evening of 7 May 1906. She was buried two days later in Columbia Cemetery in Boulder.


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